2013 HONORARY “LADY” Mark Allan Atwood


This incredible male vocalist of the Texas Music scene defended Hero’s Ladies Music Fest and it’s wonderful line-up of talented female artists, against the stereotypes for which this festival was born to break and so therefore we would like to officially recognize him as an honorary HeRo’s hero and lady! (Don’t let the hair fool you- he IS a male vocalist! Even though he hits the octaves of us ladies!)

Please show support for Mark who’s been so supportive of us and our 1st year of this historic all-female music festival!


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  • Been playing this for about a month in my solo sets, but it's still pretty new. Hope y'all dig it. You can see all the videos I post at #dorksonparade. Many thanks. ~ MAA

    Pulling back the curtain and keeping it real, complete with tshirt and cap (courtesy of Cierra and Bro. McKinney, respectively), here's Pedal Down Life. Okay Matt, now you have a recording. ;-) Many thanks for all y'all's amazing support! #dorksonparade #tellafriend #pedaldownlife #notjustballads
  • Thanks so much to everyone for almost 2600 views and lots of shares! You guys rock. ~ MAA

    So last week I did my first one of these and y'all really seemed to like it. So I reckon I'll keep it up, as long as you wanna see 'em. Here's the winning request for the second one, thanks in large part to Candice and Robby. A Little More Love. Sounds like a good plan, huh? #dorksonparade #musicalvelfies #tellafriend #littlemorelove
  • Many thanks for almost 3800 views and all the shares! Y'all are awesome. ~ MAA

    Randy Jackson might say "pitchy, dawg," but what does he know? ;-) My first, but I hope not last, cowrite with Joel Melton, titled Distant Stars. I'm not really a "posts videos of himself to Facebook" kinda guy, but if y'all dig this, I'll do more. Personally, I think I look goofy on video. #dorksonparade #tellafriend #distantstars